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a (usually canopied) seat for riding on the back of a camel or elephant


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In the 1970s, Lee Jurras introduced his Howdah pistols using the T/C Contender as the platform.
Trucks transport the actors and crew from one place to another, but also hold the tarpaulin tents, bamboo poles, props, costumes, generators, lighting equipment, sound systems, howdahs and other paraphernalia that help construct the temporary theatres in different villages.
"Enameled silver processional group of an elephant with elaborate howdah flanked by a mounted hourse and a mounted camel below, each animal with seed pearl bridle, on a floral enamedled and silver chased bottom stand, in a fitted red broacade silk case [sic]." ($500)
Although few folks need a double-barreled pistol to deter tigers from climbing aboard their elephant, or burglars on their '27 Chevy's running boards, the Pedersoli Howdah .45/.410 is an excellent replica of a true special-purpose handgun.
Jumbo lived at London Zoo for about 16 years, where he delighted visitors by taking them on trips around the zoo grounds in the howdah on his back.
In the exhibition, a giant ceramic elephant complete with howdah, which was produced by Minton & Co.
Sadly, instead of a howdah on its back there was just a gaping hole.
Six of us clambered up from the back of our 4x4 onto the howdah, an arrangement of seats on the back of an elephant, and the great creature swung smoothly away.
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Hugh Laurie; 2 Italy; 3 By that very fact; 4 Australian; 5 A howdah; 6 Bring Me Sunshine; 7 Edward I; 8 1024; 9 Emmerdale; 10 Canada.
Each of these sections is further distinguished by obligatory motifs: the deserted campsite, the recalled departure of the beloved bobbing away in her decorated howdah (a covered litter), the slaughter of the naqa or she-camel.
In India elephants are trained to perform in public festivals and majestic Balarama is chosen to carry the golden howdah on the last day of Dasara, a centuries old festival which celebrates autumn in the city of Mysore.
There were statues of nymphs, a magnificent howdah (a seat for riding on an elephant's back) on the Indian stand, the multifaceted glass lantern from a lighthouse and the Koh-i-Noor diamond, reputedly valued at 2 [pounds sterling] million.
revolver to a .22 caliber Colt Diamondback revolver; the massive .577 Howdah pistol to a tiny, single-shot Derringer; the ultra modern FN 5.7mm pistol to the classic Walther E38; single-action revolvers to high-capacity, polymer frame semiautos.