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Synonyms for how-do-you-do

an awkward situation


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an expression of greeting

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A couple of years ago, the official state Constitution Revision Commission, addressing many of the same problems, couldn't get a how-do-you-do either from the governor (Pete Wilson), who had appointed most of its members, or from an indifferent Legislature, which seemed utterly lacking in any interest in the issue.
We we r e introduced, it was all how-do-you-do and pleasedto-meet-you, and as he walked away the Wealdstone manager turned round and said: 'He's going to take your place one day'.
Well, that's a fine how-do-you-do," he grumbled as he showed me the boldfaced "Guidelines for Receiving Communion" that spelled out the letter of the (canon) law: "It is a consequence of the sad divisions in Christianity that we cannot extend to [non-Catholic Christians] a general invitation to receive Communion.
MONTY PANESAR has never even met Shane Warne - but their first how-do-you-do could settle this winter's Ashes battle.
He added: "Wasn't that a nice how-do-you-do for your children to know their father was in jail?