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the act of starting to construct a house

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He says new construction is always a move up, but Timmins does not have the job growth that would lead to a boom in new housing starts.
In this study, I propose a hypothetical model to examine the association of various determinants of housing starts as a measure of core housing market to study the housing market dynamics.
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation figures are also pointing to another strong year for housing starts in Northern Ontario.
8% decrease in housing starts for Q2 2004 (3,313) compared with Q2 2003 (3,583)
Japan's housing starts totaled 1,145,553 units in fiscal 2002, down 2.
The actual number of single-detached housing starts in July of this year were 39 units compared to 26 units last year.
Housing starts grew around the nation, but particularly in the West, which gained 24.
While home prices will still fall in some areas, we think that housing starts and home sales are nearing a sustainable rate," said Kevin Binam, the association's chief economist.
A ministry official attributed the strong housing starts mainly to brisk purchases by the children of baby boomers backed by low housing loan rates.
However, if the number of housing starts does not decline in the slower months, it may be a sign of a resurgence in the housing sector.
64 million housing starts for 2002 as a whole, up 2.
Exports are dropping, as are commercial property prices, corporate profits, housing starts and consumer confidence, a harbinger of consumer spending.
The ministry said it forecasts the nation's housing starts will stay between 1.
Regionally, only the West experienced an increase in overall housing starts, but single-family housing starts increased everywhere but the Midwest.
Home builders are snapping up permits at a swift pace in Simi Valley to meet demand as Ventura County home sales continue to surge, and the construction activity is helping fuel regional gains in housing starts.
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