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Synonyms for housework

the work of cleaning and running a house


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You might do housework for some one, dear, you are so handy; or perhaps you could be a nurse-maid to little children.
Wouldn't it be funny," she said, "for me to do housework in Kansas, when I'm a Princess in the Land of Oz?
That puzzled me much; but, however, I explained myself negatively, that it was one that did not go to service, to do housework.
But all Munchkins prefer blue to anything else and when my housework girl is brought to life she will find herself to be of so many unpopular colors that she'll never dare be rebellious or impudent, as servants are sometimes liable to be when they are made the same way their mistresses are.
Her mother bore Tess no ill-will for leaving the housework to her single-handed efforts for so long; indeed, Joan seldom upbraided her thereon at any time, feeling but slightly the lack of Tess's assistance whilst her instinctive plan for relieving herself of her labours lay in postponing them.
When Philip hurried off after breakfast she had the whole morning to do the housework.
When her hands were not hard from the endless housework, they were swollen and red like boiled beef, what of the washing.
The woman who wanted help in her housework em- ployed a "hired girl" who insisted on sitting at the table with the family.
The haircloth could not be found, and the pebble would attract the notice of the Argus-eyed aunt, besides being a foolish bar to the activity of a person who had to do housework and walk a mile and a half to school.
Crux, and has little or nothing to do with the housework.
However, the male/female housework gap does have a larger impact on the wage gap between young men and women than it does for the older age groups.
According to a 2004 United Nations survey, an increasing number of robots are taking over housework.
Nearly 6% of men do no housework whatsoever, while 42% confessed they did a little, the survey by market researchers Mintel revealed.
The impacts of economic and non-economic factors on husbands' and wives' market work time and housework time are estimated using 13 years of data from the Panel Survey of Income Dynamics.
ISLAMABAD -- In my household, gone are the days of gender stereotypes; the housework is shared equally, and my partner - a fairly modern man - tends to do the lion's share of the cooking.