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Suite 2, was arrested Thursday after a state police investigation focusing on three locations, two of which were identified by investigators as houses of prostitution, according to an application for a criminal complaint filed in court by state police Sgt.
2 -- color) Jerome's merchants have a sense of humor about the former town's numerous houses of prostitution; aren't about to downplay a history that included numerous houses of prostitution, many are now boutiques.
Chapter V of the Penal Code "Soliciting and Traffic of Women" is the best example of an incoherent legislation since it penalizes the houses of prostitution and does not penalize the prostitute.
Livingston of the celebrated revolutionary family owned more than thirty documented houses of prostitution.
He traces the changing locations of the houses of prostitution, lists the income available from prostitution, mentions some of the more well-known prostitutes, and discusses public attitudes.
Things are coming alive on two-five drive," quipped Dean Perkins, who owns the building that once housed the Belmont Rooms, one of the city's finest houses of prostitution.
Under Article 305 of the 1939, the health law abolishes the houses of prostitution.
Part III starts from outside the brothels by lo oking at the source of prostitutes, that is, the female market in China, and the houses of prostitution in the urban space of Shanghai.
Patita Udhar Sabha, an agency working for the rights of sex workers and children, estimates there are now some 275,000 kotha, or houses of prostitution, in India.
Joe excelled in his job, even selling answers to police performance exams for up to $500 and receiving large sums of money for winking at open gambling dens, houses of prostitution, dope dealing, wiretapping and more.
Although, as Addams observed, the women had hoped for jobs in domestic service, the procurers knew that they could, without repercussion, send these women to houses of prostitution because "so universally are colored girls .
Clinton took to the airways and revealed that the police were being paid off to allow 600 houses of prostitution, thousands of gambling off-track and pinball parlors throughout the city and lots of phone wiretaps on those considered ``enemies.
It flourished from 1903 clear into the '50s, and at its peak during World War II, 33 houses of prostitution operated here.
The Hustions obtained his supply through the wholesale drug firm of Knox, Greene, and Company, operated several "subagencies" throughout the South Side, stocked over thirty pounds of cocaine at their Dearborn Street location, and sent runners nightly to some of the most famous houses of prostitution in the city.
To this day, houses of prostitution flourish around foreign bases and ports of call, and it is no secret that many of the military customers are married.