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Houseplants are the most natural way to keep your mind on track with the task at hand and accomplish it as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Houseplants absorb these pollutants through their stomata (microscopic openings in the leaves).
Everyone can benefit from having a houseplant or two in their home or office.
99) AGAIN on the subject of houseplants, because we're getting into that season, this visually happy guide to growing 30 varieties includes step-by-step care instructions and would make an ideal gift - perhaps with a houseplant - if you're looking towards Christmas
SHOW houseplants some love now and they will thank you in foliage and flowers.
Houseplants that endure tend to be either undemanding succulents, edible herbs, or plants that add enough to a room's ambiance that they're worth some extra effort.
Most houseplants are hardy and very forgiving, and some, like the ubiquitous philodendron and mother-in-law's tongue, are virtually indestructible.
Houseplants not only add beauty and freshen up your home, but they also have numerous health benefits, which is why a different houseplant is being celebrated each month throughout 2013.
A good-looking houseplant, with leathery, glossy aromatic leaves, sometimes followed by small perfumed white flowers and even, occasionally, by small fruits.
Many nurseries, grocers, home improvement centers and specialty houseplant stores carry Rex begonias, as do several mail-order greenhouses.
So many houseplant guides glut the market that it may initially seem difficult to see the need for yet another--but here's something different, offering color photos, a plant ID guide to help those who receive 'mystery houseplants' as gifts, details on low-maintenance plants, and an A-Z of care basics for quick and easy access.
The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual : Essential Gardening Know-How for Keeping (Not Killing) More Than 160 Indoor Plants by Barbara Pleasant Successful Houseplants by Andrew Clinch How to Have Happy Healthy Houseplants by Peter McHoy Houseplants & Indoor Gardening by Julie B.
The complete houseplant survival manual; essential know-how for keeping (not killing
For colourful leaves to give a lush look to your houseplant collection, sow coleus very thinly in a seed tray.
It is also wise to place houseplant containers in a tub of water at this time so as to drown any critters that may have taken up residence in the soil.