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paint used to cover the exterior woodwork of a house


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In addition to the exhibit, presented by the Institute for Contemporary Culture (ICC) and curated by Devon Ostrom, Housepaint also features a newly-commissioned piece at the ICC's Roloff Beny Gallery, which is essentially a work-in-progress that allows visitors to watch and interact with five of the 10 artists featured in the exhibit.
Ineffably, they seemed naughty, perhaps secretly funny-mean in the Martin Amis vein, with their instant-chic housepaint flesh tones and suave puns on abstraction, not to mention their angry-young-man titles, like Long Distance Run Around 24 Hours, 1991, More Fucking Values, 1991, and My Guernica, 1992.
Mary Heilmann's abstracted landscapes in high-gloss housepaint colors suggest another strong affinity.
Rauschenberg was 18 at the time, and though the "White Paintings" have a distant affinity with Kasimir Malevich's Suprematist masterpiece White on White, one would hesitate to describe someone as a prodigy who (merely) covered squares of canvas with white housepaint, laid on with a roller.
The event was developed through a partnership between the ROM's Institute for Contemporary Culture and Habitat for Humanity, who are jointly presenting the ICC exhibition Housepaint, which runs until July 5, 2009, at the ROM.
It took six months to create and unlike his housepaint murals on the outside of buildings, involved a careful palette of traditional materials more suited to the inside of a building, and to preserve the acoustics in the hall.
The paintings - with their ham-fisted clarity, their relish for pattern and costume, their goofy hieratics and allegorizations, in those hip housepaint colors - hit me in the solar plexus.
The former, born to a middle-class family with the surname Lipschitz, built a brand that extends from clothing to housepaint, all with the idea that the value of his products was the images they offered.
Ten framed canvas "houses"--created by internationally recognized Canadian street artists Cant, Case, Dixon, EGR, Elicser, Evoke, HVW8, Lease, and Other--form the cornerstone of Housepaint.
Coated with innumerable layers of housepaint to keep it gleaming under the boiling desert sun, the awe-inspiring work bears a resemblance to early Oldenburgs in the details, which are all you see as you clamber across its surface, surrounded by Bible quotes and the Sinner's Prayer.
Francisco Alvarez, managing director of the Institute for Contemporary Culture, speaks with Devon Ostrom, guest curator of the ICC exhibition Housepaint, Phase 2: Shelter.
Brown, who first began experimenting with housepaints as art media as a child in Mississippi, said he began painting pictures of his childhood as a way to capture his memories, since his family had no photographs of when he was young.