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a woman employed as a chaperon in a residence for young people

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However, the consistency in findings from both housemother and teacher report adds to the confidence in the present results.
To keep Ma Fell's legacy alive, ATO will hold a concert April 15 in Harrington Auditorium at the school in honor of their late housemother.
Weiss and her mother, in which Mary tried to dodge any responsibility for her daughter's abuse, Precious vents to her housemother in the halfway kitchen.
Also, Naismith's second wife, Florence Kincaid Naismith - who became a widow six months after they married in 1939 - was housemother of Oregon State's Delta Delta Delta sorority in the 1940s.
Ariel, a femme queen and the housemother of the California chapter of the House of Prestige at the time of my study, explained to me once that she believes that members of the community are jealous of her because she is "so pussy.
For "Big Mommas," Malcolm creatively cross-dresses to go undercover as a housemother at the Georgia Girls School of the Arts, where an informant hid a flash drive containing evidence incriminating a Russian mobster (Tony Curran) before being inconveniently killed.
Morag Jordan, originally from Dundee, was employed as a housemother between 1970 and 1984.
Mrs Jordan, originally from Dundee, was employed by the care home as a housemother between 1970 and 1984.
Set in a sorority house with Despina as the housemother, two adolescent girls, their hockey-jock boyfriends and a manipulative hockey coach named Don all fuelled great intrigue and a lot of laughs.
Betty became known as 'Ma Betty' to hundreds of street kids in the years she worked as a housemother at the Arohanui Trust hostels, Auckland:
Only Pipes and Carrie FisherAuyes, Carrie FisherAuas the Theta PiAAEs canny housemother, have anything resembling defined roles.
And when you have such a ridiculous number of good-looking teens and a smart turn by legendary Star Wars goddess Carrie Fisher as the shotguntoting sorority housemother, you end up with a tasty blend of horror and humour.
In a 1909 letter to Helen Townsend, the Indian girls' housemother at Hampton, Elizabeth credited her promotion to her education at the institute.
On Sunday the housemother wanted us to get dressed up, and we said that nobody gets dressed up for our holiday on Saturday.