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someone who resides in the same house with you

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Dee-One isn't the only evicted housemate who thinks a talented contestant should win the show.
It's nothing vindictive, they're all nice people, but she just feels most of the housemates don't really get her.
Revealing that the one housemate who decides to take the money will still be able to remain in the house and compete for the final prize, Big Brother then admitted there was a sting in the tail.
Aside from the complaints MTRCB have received over the alleged "bromance" between 18-year-old Kenzo Gutierrez and 12-year-old Bailey Thomas May, the board also monitored concerns in social media over other minor housemates supposedly "engaging in flirtatious talk and actions.
Since he arrived newbie Marc ruffled feathers as he called his housemates ''a***lickers''.
Lawson, as every housemate was well aware of, has a girlfriend outside the house.
The research also showed that the most important hallmark of a bad housemate was body odour and other unpleasant smells.
Each Monday, during the live nomination show, the housemates cast votes nominating each other for eviction.
You should echo the trust and fellowship your housemates showed you by responding to what probably happened to the bike-even though the assumption that a party guest vandalized the bike would not meet the standards for proof in a court of law.
He reduced housemate Nikki Grahame, 28, to tears by mocking the way she speaks and on Friday, his relationship with Nadia reached boiling point.
Laura is only the second housemate from the region to appear in the reality TV show, after Coventry extrovert Rebecca - Bex - Shiner joined Big Brother in 2008.
Gender of winner (best prices): 8-11 male (Coral, Lads), 5-4 female (Power), 25 transsexual (Paddy Power); gender of first evictee (best prices): 5-6 female (Totesport), 6-5 male (Paddy Power) Boylesports - specials: 4-11 former housemate to enter house, 2 World Cup to be shown in house at any time, 9-4 housemate to be kicked out, 5 any housemate to propose in house, 8 housemate to have physical fight in house.
We're going to have a great week together," declares existing housemate Better Half.
Shrieking with disgust at some of the whiffs, they had to collectively decide what they thought the housemate had just eaten.
As Vanessa sobbed at the dining table, each housemate was made to stand up and given 10 seconds to make their decision.