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teacher in charge of a school boardinghouse

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Keir, who has Asperger's, said he was a housemaster, teacher, judo and sailing coach and fire engine driver at Gordonstoun and too busy to molest anyone.
Using the Satmetrix NPS software, Tangradi and her colleagues created a customized program called HouseMaster CARES (Customer Acquisition & Referral Evaluation System).
He said: "Classes were divided into houses and our housemaster 'Bearman' (Des) Miles would come up in front of everyone and grab the elastic round the waist of our underpants to check they were white.
The trial has already heard from two other alleged victims of Ryall who say they were attacked while pupils at the former Aycliffe Approved School in County Durham, where 68-year-old Ryall was a housemaster in the mid-late 1960s.
3 Beat All 4 Housemaster 1 3 /4 l, 1 1 /2 l, shd June 5, 1999 3 and under, plater; 4-5, low-grade handicapper; 6-7, fair handicapper; 8-9, high-grade handicapper; 10-11, Group class; 12, Classic standard.
It reportedly is unusual to hold nonclinicians accountable for a person's mental health, but this lawsuit, specifically, can go for ward against the housemaster of Shin's student residence and a student life dean.
Edmund Weil, 18, who is in the Upper Sixth with Wills, was ordered out by headmaster John Lewis when his housemaster spotted him with "drugs and drug paraphernalia" - believed to be cannabis.
Mr Ireland, who loved climbing, was a housemaster at Leighton Park School, in Reading, Berks where he lived in the grounds with his wife, Jane, also a teacher.
Housemaster, who will be running in the Highclere colours is a certain starter while ground conditions will have to be watched, walked and judged before Brancaster gets the all-clear to run in the greatest of all the English classics.
Serious defects in the different systems in a house, hidden as well as visible, can be found in 40% of the nation's housing (at the time of resale), according to HouseMaster, a national home inspection firm.
Closer to home, the voices were somewhat more collegial, with Peter Schjeldahl as the wryly detached housemaster and Roberta Smith as the dedicated, thermometer-wielding school physician.
Tea and Sympathy (1953; screenplay, 1956), Anderson 's first and greatest success, was the story of a sensitive boy unjustly suspected of homosexuality, who is helped through his misery by the compassionate wife of his housemaster.
A FORMER pupil at a boarding school attended by Prince Charles told yesterday how he was chased in the swimming pool by his naked assistant housemaster.
A FORMER housemaster at the posh Wellington College has been jailed for 11 years for molesting five boys.