housemaid's knee

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swelling of the bursa in the knee (due to trauma or excessive kneeling)

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Over the years, all sorts of different work-related problems which we would now recognise as RSI have been identified - writer's cramp, weaver's bottom, potter's wrist, housemaid's knee and so on.
Repeated kneeling and crawling on the knees can irritate the bursa in front of the kneecap, so you can see why you may have developed it and why it's also called housemaid's knee.
A IT may be housemaid's knee, an inflammation of the small pouch called the bursa in the front of the knee.
Also known as housemaid's knee, prepatellar bursitis is usually caused by repeated microtrauma associated with kneeling, but it can in rare circumstances be caused by an infection.
We know a hotel porter who got a touch of housemaid's knee.
Once upon a time, cleaning your home was a chore, something to avoid doing at all costs if you wanted to keep your hands soft and the dreaded housemaid's knee at bay.
The inspirational story of how Coventry gas fitter Bill Adcocks defied housemaid's knee to become the fastest runner ever over the Athens Marathon course is detailed for the first time in a new book published this week.
Too many historians become over-specialized and, instead of writing books which will inform and educate the general reader, do what he has described as writing the history of a housemaid's knee in Belleville in the 1890's.
Any bursa can become inflamed, but bursitis most commonly occurs in the shoulder, elbow, knee (known as housemaid's knee, which I've had due to kneeling when gardening) or hip.
From housemaid's knee to hernia, from gallstones to gangrene