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lights that illuminate the audience's part of a theater or other auditorium

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There was a 10 s ITI with the houselights off between each trial.
During reinforcement, the key and houselights were extinguished, but the hopper light was illuminated.
The router plots and cuts the holes for sprinklers, rigging ports, houselights, light bridges and other fixtures.
With the houselights still on, the fighters parade around the ring behind the ring girls, who are holding the round cards up over their heads, leaving their bodies entirely exposed.
The houselights going out in the middle of the final act, however, wasn't in the script and it needed some frantic behind-the-scenes activity to ensure all 24 players who took part could take a deserved bow at the end.
It was as if above me were not stars, but dimming houselights.
She appeared on stage a minute early, surprising the lighting technician, who had to drop the houselights in a hurry.
A few shift uncomfortably when the houselights go on and he encourages people to shout out the word "nigger", but the audience remains cool through the swearing and religious jokes.
As the houselights dim and the crowd settles into meticulously arranged rows of folding chairs, the music begins.
The judge, the jury, and even opposing counsel perceive the dimming of the houselights as a spotlight illuminates doctor and patient.
I love Fugard's plays," I said to my neighbor at the City Theatre as the houselights dimmed.
As the poem begins, the movie's soundtrack is suddenly shut off, the houselights come on, a skylight opens, and a man runs down the aisle trying "to somehow get / our attention"[5].
I watch the houselights lap against the other light - the tunnel
by the time the houselights lights were dimmed, so was I.
The impresario, Sergei Diaghilev, flashed the houselights to restore order.