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a servant who is employed to perform domestic task in a household

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The housekeeper said the same, so eager were they both for the slaughter of those innocents, but the curate would not agree to it without first reading at any rate the titles.
The housekeeper obeyed with great satisfaction, and the worthy "Esplandian" went flying into the yard to await with all patience the fire that was in store for him.
In that case," said the housekeeper, "here, into the yard with them
The housekeeper told me that the architecture of "the old wing," both outside and inside, was considered remarkably fine by good judges.
The housekeeper, a person of some education and intelligence, thoughtfully brought upstairs with her some milk and some warm water.
said Noel Vanstone, surveying the housekeeper through his half-closed eyelids.
After opening the door and closing it again, without going out, the housekeeper had noiselessly knelt down behind Magdalen's chair.
The old housekeeper, with a gracious severity of deportment, waves her hand towards the great staircase.
It is not related to visitors; it is almost forgotten," says the housekeeper, advancing.
It was a noble dish of fish that the housekeeper had put on table, and we had a joint of equally choice mutton afterwards, and then an equally choice bird.
Induced to take particular notice of the housekeeper, both by her own striking appearance and by Wemmick's preparation, I observed that whenever she was in the room, she kept her eyes attentively on my guardian, and that she would remove her hands from any dish she put before him, hesitatingly, as if she dreaded his calling her back, and wanted him to speak when she was nigh, if he had anything to say.
Benjamin's respectable old housekeeper opened the garden gate, and startled me by bursting into a devout ejaculation of gratitude at the sight of her master.
The housekeeper trembled at the question, and answered in these enigmatical words:
The housekeeper came; a respectable-looking elderly woman, much less fine, and more civil, than she had any notion of finding her.
She longed to inquire of the housekeeper whether her master was really absent, but had not the courage for it.