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a husband who keeps house while his wife earns the family income

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Thanks to the constant availability of Key lime juice in bottles, and the frequent availability of Key limes in markets, today's housewife (or househusband, or even the kids) can whip up much the same pie as the one "invented" in Key West about 100 years ago.
A househusband hero, who has spent the past few years changing diapers and raising his family, has to go back to work in the Ranger trade.
In my first incarnation as a househusband, circa 1952, the nation was infatuated with a postwar fever of do-it-yourself activity.
Would we poke fun at the news that the househusband was helping his wife to be more 'sensitive and attentive' at the office?
McDonnell, 31, balances his horsetrading with househusband duties and is father to a four-month-old boy and a two-year-old girl.
Motley group comprises portly Olli (Gustav Peter Woehler), whose delicatessen isn't cookin'; a young doctor of philology, Frank (Florian Lukas), who's stuck in a househusband role; and cop Gy (Sebastian Bezzel), who has ongoing issues with his insurance company.
In the series, one househusband keeps all his shoe-cleaning things in a lounge drawer but, of course, he cleans his shoes in the kitchen.
Her father has quit his job and decided to be a househusband, much to her mother's consternation.
Tension and tenderness ripple beneath the witty carapace, as this handyman's determined ingenuity feels inseparable from the New York-based Israeli artist's own status as an immigrant househusband trying to build a new life for his two kids.
She had heard about the Blewitt children and talked to the househusband about the hard work involved in raising troubled children.
He's the new househusband, a man who takes care of home while his wife takes care of the office.
Matt LeBlanc portrays a househusband in 'Man with a Plan,' and discovers, to his dismay, that his kids are way too much to handle!
Among those taking part are a househusband, countryside lovers from Yorkshire and a pair of amputee military veterans.