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drygoods for household use that are typically made of white cloth

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These include minor repair work to clothing and household linen (and covers both repair and alteration work) as well as home health care.
EUROPEAN Union (EU) member states have been authorised to levy until January 2011 low rates of VAT on clothing and household linen repair services.
The leaflet is about a clothing collection and asks you to donate unwanted clothes, footwear and household linen.
The latest leaflets say: "We will be grateful if you could kindly give your unwanted clothes, paired footwear and household linen.
New for old doesn't apply to clothing, household linen and bikes.
Famous for its Fish and Poultry Market, it also offers meat and a vast selection of general goods, from brassware to perfumes, clothes to confectionary and trinkets to household linen.
The results show the strength of interest across a spread of retail sectors, ranging from household linen and adult clothes through to nursery goods and electrical light fittings.
This batch targets ready-to-wear, Household linen, Bath linen and fashion accessories (textile: Cotton, Polyester, .
The Mexican Ministry of Economy issued a resolution on December 23, 2011, to amend the labeling requirements of the official Mexican Standard NOM-004-SCFI 2006 for textiles and apparel - that sets out the labeling of textile products, garments, accessories and household linen, and was originally published in the Official Journal of the Mexican Federation on June 21, 2006.
The Tunisian designers are displaying, among other things, fashion and interior decoration accessories, lighting, household linen, art of entertaining, furniture and ceramics.
Left blank on legal advice) Junior HOUSEHOLD LINEN Jordan says: "The other day I spent EUR20,000 on Versace bedding at Harrods.
A large quantity of household linen and damask silk tablecloths, most of which was still parcelled up in original waxed paper and string and stored in great linen presses of an 18th Century house, were sold in several lots and raised pounds 1,500.
Finland: Small repair services: Bicycles, Shoes and leather goods, Clothing and household linen (including mending and alteration);Hairdressing.
These ranged from household linen to fancy brassware, Italian reproduction furniture, watches, clocks and musical instruments.
It's time to clean the household linen at the Manor house in Nelson, near Treharris.
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