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theory and practice of homemaking

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How To Get Things Really Flat: A Man's Guide To Ironing, Dusting And Other Household Arts by Andrew Martin, pounds 12.99, published by Short Books
Line of business: Household arts and crafts manufacture for sale online.
Katagiri's samurai status prevents him from marrying attractive servant girl Kie (Takako Matsu), whom his mother has trained in all the household arts, from cooking to calligraphy.
Several education initiatives of this time--Industrial Arts, Household Arts, Everyday Art, Manual Arts, and Progressive Education--followed a similar interest in making schooling relevant to daily living.
The active discipline and play of improvisation, in verbal and musical expression (and in household arts), is what "re-members" the ex-slaves and allows them to live as free people, though still oppressed by intolerable memories of bondage and consistently dehumanizing treatment.
It is possible to argue that there is a continuity between the household arts and the arts that do require funding, but American Canvas claims only that "when Americans finally acknowledge the art that affects their own lives, the art in which they take an active part--in fashion and foodways, in song and celebration and stories--they'll be better prepared to commit to a public culture--the art and artists and art organizations that labor in the nonprofit sector--with that same spirit of shared investment." (My emphasis.) Yet I am exceedingly doubtful of pointing out the everydayness of art in garden and kitchen as a strategy.