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Synonyms for housefly

common fly that frequents human habitations and spreads many diseases

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colocynthis extracts against field and laboratory strains of the 2nd larval instars of the housefly, M.
Bacteria and fungi isolated from housefly (Musca domestica L.
Environmental differences among geographically distant housefly populations may also cause genetic differentiation, such as selection, and mutation [1].
The modern-day football manager is like an adult housefly.
And then, in a wild spin, the hero is reborn as a housefly.
Strawberries dipped in chocolate with housefly larvae sprinkles.
Kennedy, an award winning poet and former poetry editor of The Paris Review presents the brief poems celebrating fauna from the housefly to the lion in English alongside French and provides a short introduction placing Apollinaire's work in historical context.
Mexico with its funeral horse, its housefly and cactus, its lottery
The panel also praised the TT's handling, commenting that it comes in to its own when cornering: "The strong grip and body control means it changes direction like a housefly, while the responses from the steering, throttle and brakes are razor-sharp.
The cut-and-paste claim centered on three passages, on a French hunting activist, the town of Beauvais and the housefly, that were apparently lifted from Wikipedia, the user-generated online encyclopedia.
This group includes the common housefly, sewage fly, phorid fly and face fly, which is a common problem for livestock.
The agent of disease is produced by tiny flies that are much smaller than the common housefly.
From the cat-flea and flour-mite to the bluebottle maggot and housefly, they are all doing fine, fang you.