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a dog trained to guard a house

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A further two met their end "By the Parsons bull" and a couple of "Vagrant beggars" were "worried" to death by the Squire's housedog.
He was not a housedog, but we let him into the foyer during storms.
Since then, Mertens has been at the forefront of field-bred goldens, and when someone wants a great housedog, a great hunter--or both--they they go to her.
Eliot likened the idea-content of any poem to the choice piece of meat carried by a burglar to distract the housedog of the mind, so the poem can go about its work unhindered.
She is also a housedog and has never been kenneled, so it is not realistic to send her to a professional trainer because she couldn't stay in a kennel.
| Phil Murphy: These are not really housedogs, pets or anything other than incredible guards.
Luz, however, thinks Matthew's use of "little dogs" refers to "not the despised stray mongrels but domesticated housedogs" and thus lessens the terms harshness (72, n.
Densely compacted and shrunken, England configures the triumph of the domestic over the feral, where views are constricted by hedges and barking housedogs make more noise at night than foxes (39).
The authors hail from Iowa, are the epitome of their "pampered pets" series, and wish they could be writing in Laguna Beach, the setting for DESPERATE HOUSEDOGS.