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skill in domestic management

References in periodicals archive ? HOUSECRAFT ASSOCIATES: (973) 579-1112.
This was reflected by a noticeable shift in the editorial direction to an increasing focus on housecraft. For example, in Good Housekeeping in the early 1930s, over half the features now emphasised home and family matters.
In keeping with Victorian domestic ideology which entrusted women with responsibility for mothering and domesticity, girls learned housecraft, laundering, basketry, millinery, domestic science and needlework (Senior, 1991, p.
Middle row left to right - Miss Elsworth (housecraft?), Mr Lewis (English), Miss Purvis, Mrs Sherrell (French), Mrs Woosey (maths), Mrs Goodwin (PE), Miss Dixon (geography), Miss Kirkland (RE), Murphy (Russian), unknown, Mrs Wilne (English), Mrs Rowe (lab technician?).
The original buildings housed 11 classrooms, a hall, library and four practical rooms (woodwork, housecraft, science and art).
Romano's study of housecraft and statecraft exemplifies how scholars might examine connections that blur neat divisions of public and private, though it is not gender but rather class hierarchy that occupies the central stage of the book.
There is ample material to exemplify how master-servant interaction signified patriarchal and hierarchal relationships of power, but one questions, as Romano concludes (239) whether housecraft and statecraft were inseparably linked for servants, or whether "servants shared with masters the same complex vision of master-servant ties" (xxv).
* WORKING OUT: Commercial and housecraft pupils of class 4 BH go through their physical training routines * CIVIC VISIT: More than 60 pupils were invited to a tour of Huddersfield Town Hall by the mayor (left), Ald J Armitage, in July, 1954 (Examiner ref: 54-3464, TmcHUD200110-KE24986) * RESOURCES POOLED: Longley Hall's swimming gala in June, 1954 produced these two winners - Diane Hunt (left, senior dive) and Hazel Wood (senior breast stroke) (Examiner ref: 54-3331, TmcHUD200110- * TAPPING OUT: You want to be a secretary?
Physics, biology and housecraft lessons were suspended (Kirklees ref: ke13299, Examiner ref: 61-0810); THE BEST: Mirfield Grammar School Speech Day prizewinners (above) in April1962 and (below) pupils in the main hall during the ceremony (Kirklees ref: ke16919, Examiner ref: 62-1395 and Kirklees ref: ke16920, Examiner ref: 62-1396); ALL AT SEA: Mr S W Evans was producer for this Old Grammarians' production of The Middle Watch, performed at the school in October 1950.
It was interesting to read in my colleague Tony Pogson's article on Colne Valley High School's 50th anniversary that the school once boasted a model "flat" where girls were taught "housecraft".
Bring back the model flats, I say, but make the boys learn housecraft too.
The photograph is of class 4H (Housecraft) and Audrey - then Duckworth - is second from the right on the second row.