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a loose dressing gown for women

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Should I need a housecoat, a sturdy cotton nightie or some Velcro-fastening slippers, I'll be back like a bullet.
Shepherds and angels and small boy-kings trying to look dignified as they tripped on their dads' brocade housecoats and squinted out from under lopsided cardboard crowns secured by their mothers' tea towels.
In fact, they left the Old World, with its regular famines and emaciated lower classes, for almost precisely the opposite reason: They dreamed of living in a country where even the masses struggled to squeeze into relaxed fit jeans and size 18 housecoats.
Also on display were "underwear, housecoats, knitwear, seperates, cottons, gowns, dresses, trews, beach outfits, sportswear and millinery".
My baby brother's mother-in-law sews Percodan in the hem of her housecoats.
The idea is that three women in matching housecoats turn up and blitz the entire house in an hour.
Wearing housecoats like evening gowns and evening gowns like housecoats (a final bravo for Longs brilliant period costumes), Fierstein's deftly hilarious star turn intoxicates the audience from the moment he steps onstage.
Suddenly, everything from housecoats to evening dresses began coming up denim, according to Jimmy Newcomer, professor of design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.
Marge is large again, and we're not just talking housecoats here.
The daughter has her own gripes: the frumpy housecoats and kosher kitchen that set her mother apart from others, her parents' isolating devotion to each other, her relegation to limited expectations because she was a girl.
If your image of floral fabrics takes the shape of frumpy housecoats worn by African-violet-growing ladies .
They sit around the RV park in one not-US ad wearing T-shirts and housecoats, looking dumb and vaguely menacing; a box of Ritz crackers is open on the table.
Revellers should also pack their finest clerical style and Mrs Doyle housecoats as there's a Fr Ted fancy dress competition.
Around 3000 believers, men, women and children, some in their pyjamas and housecoats, braved the freezing temperatures and gathered outside the stadium's front doors jut to catch a glimpse of the new No7.
Stunned neighbours, a few in housecoats and pyjamas, crowded around TV sets for news in local cafes or comforted each other on park benches, prohibited from returning to the crumbled walls and scattered glass of their homes before safety inspections.