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a loose dressing gown for women

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And go for it he has - housecoat and all - in the role first made famous by the unforgettable Divine in the 1988 John Waters film of the same name.
In particular, the modern-day costuming makes Little Red Ridinghood (Sarah Steele) look as if she's just come back from a punk-rock roller derby with a wolf tattoo on her arm; Jack's Mother (Kristine Zbornik) wears a frowsy housecoat and pink bunny slippers, and sports a pink dustbuster.
Neither of which she insisted mattered as they sat on his leather sofa, she in her angel garb and he in his mildewy housecoat, in the flickering light of a forty-three-inch plasma TV propped up on an armchair.
The latter is reminiscent of Matisse's "The Conversation" (1908-12), in which Matisse depicts his wife Amelie in a black and green housecoat, seated in a throne-like armchair, while he wears his signature striped pajamas.
Her mother began to untie her kitchen apron and put on a housecoat.
In the central concrete basin that was intended to house a fountain, a wild-haired old bat in a floral housecoat is casting magic spells while an impromptu audience stands agog.
Turning toward the child, the woman clutched the tattered pink housecoat to her throat, a string of torn lace dangling from its collar.
Residents' wishes include "anything from socks to comfortable clothes, to a housecoat, a comb, a brush lotion, body soap," Randolph says.
A frowzy woman in a housecoat and boxer shorts opened the door.
And handpicked staff all wear the famous pink housecoat, designed by Vivienne Westwood, which has become a much emulated and iconic glamorous service look.
LINDZI GERMAIN is happy to be back on stage in pyjamas and housecoat, as Liverpool success story Lost Soul returns to the city once more.
One lady in her housecoat sat in the back seat of the other fellow's car and held him from behind until the paramedics showed up.
With comparable subtlety the montage intimates metaphors, linking the mother gardening in a bluish housecoat to a brilliant blue flower, or her dozing to her cat, her white curls to her dog's fur.
Her redplaid housecoat, purple pajamas, and yellow headscarf made her look even scarier than usual.