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Synonyms for housecleaning

a thorough or drastic reorganization

Words related to housecleaning

(figurative) the act of reforming by the removal of unwanted personnel or practices or conditions

the act of cleaning the rooms and furnishings of a house

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With its entry into the Middle East, a company called iRobot that sells products in 50 countries has launched a series of housecleaning robots based on industrial-style cleaners that can be programmed to pick up dirt around the house.
That's the only reason I can think she told me she was going housecleaning, because she was humiliated," Lori Ballman said.
8220;We provide incredibly thorough and detailed housecleaning by trained and competent professionals on all levels, but some levels are more detailed than others,” said Pashos.
and Canada to offer free housecleaning to women diagnosed with cancer.
Yet when Sir Thomas Legg imposes limits on what they can claim for housecleaning and gardening retrospectively, they bleat about his ruling being totally unfair and contrary to the rules of natural justice.
In the age of two-income households, time for housecleaning is scarcer than ever, and Americans are looking for cleaning products that are quick and easy to use.
The manual offers step-by-step techniques and a systematic approach to housecleaning, an independent living skill, for students who are blind and visually impaired.
The husband-wife team of Irina and Vladimir Saveliev started aXXa in 2006 after Irina tired of her housecleaning business.
KSPN-AM (710) station manager Bob Koontz made it sound as if there'd be no major housecleaning when he told us Thursday morning that changes in the station's direction would be announced at a staff meeting Monday.
WAGES serves the greater San Francisco Bay area and specializes in housecleaning co-ops.
When levels of HDL are normal, and levels of LDL and other harmful fats such as triglycerides are low, HDL does its housecleaning job well.
Also, a comprehensive overhaul of both the FBI and CIA needs to be done, along with a thorough housecleaning of corrupt agents.
When I was working on Nickel and Dimed, one employer--a housecleaning service--administered a test asking whether I was subject to moods of self-pity.
Current President Martin Torrijos has some fiscal housecleaning to do, and apparently, he's on the right track.
They remove trapped air and volatiles, reduce dust, improve housecleaning, are patent-pending and are fully integrated into the automatic cycle, according to the company.