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Synonyms for housecleaning

a thorough or drastic reorganization

Words related to housecleaning

(figurative) the act of reforming by the removal of unwanted personnel or practices or conditions

the act of cleaning the rooms and furnishings of a house

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The Canadian teacher was said to have hired the 40-year-old Filipina housecleaner, L.
Summary: JEDDAH: Police are searching for a runaway Indonesian housecleaner who is suspected of attempting to abduct her employer's daughter, police said.
Fatima Hassan, a 32-year-old housecleaner, also from Ketermaya, said she struggled to provide for her family.
Strauss-Kahn is charged with attacking a 32-year-old housecleaner at his Manhattan hotel suite.
This aunt had come to America as a teenager to serve a family as housecleaner, cook, and nanny.
If you have internet access, and you're looking for a golden retriever, a cheap housecleaner or the latest episodes of the HBO series "True Blood," then Revolico is your place;
She settled in Leominster and has since taken any employment she could find, holding down jobs as a housecleaner, dishwasher, waitress and quality control worker.
The jobs that these immigrants worked included, garment ironer, housecleaner, waiter/tress, and janitor.
3] Give a gift certificate offering your services as a baby sitter, housecleaner, gardener or personal shopper.
But Kate Fodor's "100 Saints You Should Know" has more going for it than its schematic plot about a priest who has lost his vocation and the rectory housecleaner who badgers him for spiritual direction.
One of the best sections of this study is its discussion of Lars Gustafsson's Tjanarinnan, a novel that describes the encounter between a prosperous Swedish businessman living in Texas and his housecleaner, an illegal Mexican immigrant who is eventually deported.
Similarly, if we were to understand planning and organization--without which no household work can meaningfully proceed--as an integral part of household work, we would ask not only about who does the shopping but also who prepared the shopping list, who arranged for the housecleaner, the babysitter, the repair person, etc.
Having enjoined his reticent wife to take part in what would be a grueling, nine-week exercise in human adaptation and behavior modification, Michael--like most of the gung-ho male participants of these series--was apparently unaware of the amount of physical toil that she would have to endure as fulltime housecleaner and cook for the family.
Materena Mahi is a housecleaner, mother and co-habitator of 13 years with Pito, the father of her children.