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Synonyms for housebroken

(of pets) trained to urinate and defecate outside or in a special place

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If you've had your dog for several years and he's been reliably housebroken, then suddenly starts soiling the house, see your vet.
It may take six months or longer before your dog is reliably housebroken, so keep at it.
But once dogs are housebroken, many people are surprised by just how much fun they are to have around.
She is housebroken. She is very affectionate, but is often stiff in her hind end and may need to stay on anti-inflammatories to be comfortable.
Q My French poodle, a neutered male, is perfectly housebroken, but the doggie daycare facility where he stays during the week complains that he lifts his leg and urinates on the walls and posts there.