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trespassing for an unlawful purpose

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Gold Jewellery weighing 680 Grams, silver articles weighing 9.5 Kilograms, net cash of Rs 10,500, one bike, two mobile phones and a housebreaking tool kit was recovered from the possession of the accused.
Sheriff Douglas Brown expressed concern at Mitchell's record which includes a two-year sentence for housebreaking imposed last June.
Sheriff Joseph Platt blasted Smith for his crime and called it a "new low" for the robber who has a previous offence for theft by housebreaking.
In the second case, cited by the chief constable, the dog tracked down a person suffering from mental health issues, and in the third, two youths were apprehended in connection with a housebreaking after a long trek over fields, streams and roads.
Six people have been arrested in connection with housebreakings where highvalue jewellery and cash were allegedly stolen from the Greater Glasgow and Bellshill areas.
The first, and by far the most important, is housebreaking.
The newspaper's editor, former prisoner Noel Smith, 55, has previously written about how being a burglary victim changed his mind about the effect housebreaking has.
Mosul / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / Four members of Daash were slaughtered, during a housebreaking process belongs to Daash east of Mosul, according to local residents.
Boca Raton, FL, September 27, 2014 --( Big Apple Pet Supply has announced that they have added the Dogit Dog Housebreaking & Training Pads to their extensive inventory.
23-year-old Batman bin Suparman (his real name) was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison for housebreaking, theft, and drug offences.
Stolen cars and housebreaking offences would also be substantially reduced if we took the time needed to immobilise our parked cars and did not leave open windows in an empty house or leave a key where a would-be intruder could find it.
This is probably the most efficient method of housebreaking, capitalizing on the theory that dogs will not soil where they must lie.
Hughes, formerly of Rothesay, Isle of Bute, admitted nine housebreaking offences at Dumbarton sheriff court.
The three appeared at Pretoria Regional Court charged with murder, housebreaking with the intent to rob, and robbery with aggravating circumstances.
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