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trespassing for an unlawful purpose

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CHILDREN as young as 15 were among suspected housebreakers arrested by police in a crackdown in Edinburgh.
Almost three quarters (73%) of inmates polled by security firm ADT and prison newspaper Inside Time said they thought judges were too lenient on housebreakers, especially in cases where youngsters were among their victims.
Dear housebreakers, the suitcase does not mean I'm heading off for a fortnight in the sun.
I take the view that every cloud has a silver lining and this decision is a golden opportunity for housebreakers and a terrible one for elderly homeowners.
West Midlands Police and the Birmingham Crown Prosecution Service explain there was insuffi-cient evidence to charge the other housebreakers, but Mrs Munton avers that Gregg's sentence was an insult to her mother.
Unsuspecting housebreakers Mark Robson and Daniel Conroy burgled a home on Garnet Street, Middlesbrough, not realising it was fitted with camera equipment.
Housebreakers, thieves and criminals involved in dishonesty should be given community punishment instead.
Stick him near the door and he's guaranteed to grab housebreakers (or Steffan Freund) squarely around the neck.
Hardened housebreakers are hardly likely to trust the authorities to ignore a written confession.
No wonder six out of 10 housebreakers in the country escape scot-free while police waste their time on this rubbish.
The family believe housebreakers who raided a nearby home in September may have opened the gate and either taken Corrie or let her out to roam.
Now Justice Minister Alan Shatter has revealed that in Dublin, where Operation Acer is under way, gardai have already had significant success against serial housebreakers.
The community payback scheme passed by SNP ministers has a huge black hole in its funding and will let muggers, housebreakers and even sex offenders dodge jail.
If we take the current attitude to its logical conclusion drug dealers and others should be sent a statutory three-day warning of any police raid and night foot patrols fitted with flashing blue lights and audible warning so that muggers and housebreakers can avoid suspicious behaviour.
Det Insp Bob Bradford, from Thornhill Road CID, appealed to householders to do their bit to keep the housebreakers out.