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Synonyms for houseman

junior doctor


Synonyms for houseman

an advanced student or graduate in medicine gaining supervised practical experience ('houseman' is a British term)

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Sagay can follow Buhari back to Daura in 2029 and be his houseboy.
Ardis makes careful lists in handwriting that does not waver, composes intricate menus with many courses for the houseboy, at the market requests perfect produce in firm tones.
Canadian soldiers often exchanged food and items (such as chocolate bars and sweets) from their personal care packages to their young helpers, known as boy-san or houseboy, and their families in exchange for services around camp.
Her houseboy, Yash, is often a more fascinating subject, whose elusive history is constantly shimmering under the surface.
Hilariously, though, when Latha is bogged down by such politics, she finds the best antidote is lime juice made with extra sugar--one for herself and one for the houseboy.
Little Eileen substitutes for the recently departed Yukie, a Japanese houseboy hauled away to one of California's concentration camps.
Thirteen-year-old Bing-wing Chan must conquer his fear of ghosts as his father's gambling debts force him to dig for human bones in a graveyard and then to work as a houseboy in a haunted house.
He can join Gareth Gates, Shayne Ward and the other one, you know, the Scottish one, as Cowell''s houseboy, throwing pounds 50 notes on the fire on his behalf.
Madan Lakshmanan Kherade, an Indian, working as a Houseboy at the Fujairah Palace, and Shoukat Parvez, a Pakistani driver working in Sharjah, have won AED 1 million ($272,285) each through the ongoing Ramadan Recharge promotion from Etisalat.
Kherade, working as a houseboy at the Fujairah Palace and Parvez, a driver in Sharjah, won Dh1 million ($272236) each through the ongoing Ramadan recharge promotion from Etisalat.
First introduced to 19th-century painting in New Orleans, where he served as a houseboy to a wealthy family, he developed a lifelong interest in Greek and Roman mythology.
He took a job as a houseboy for people who lived a mile from the state capitol in Olympia.
Nigerian writer Adichie tells the story of Biafra's struggle for independence in the late '60s through the lives of five characters, primarily a 13-year-old houseboy named Ugwu.
My friend Christine plans to share her home with other women who will pool their retirement funds to hire a Chippendale dancer as a houseboy.
Sherri suddenly interjected her own ideas of what kinds of roles, away from the show, Cameron should take: "I'd like to see you as a houseboy on 'Desperate Housewives,' roaming around the bushes, or as a patient on 'Grey's Anatomy,' naked.