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confined usually by illness

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ANELDERLY man spent the last months of his life housebound because of delays in getting permission for a place to house his mobility scooter.
He said the epilepsy was brought on when he was kicked in the head and he was now virtually housebound.
Please keep your we are continuing to Geraldine Deaf Children's I often had elderly people, who were housebound with no family, say to me 'God Bless you.
If you know of someone who is housebound and would benefit from a Christmas hamper telephone 01827 709265.
One of them got aggressive." Peter Wishlade, defending, said Aylesbury was effectively housebound and he had a community nurse to help him to cope.
So who does care for the elderly who are housebound and who are not able to do the recycling?
County councillor Colin Hayfield, portfolio holder for adult and community services, said: "This partnership is a wonderful idea as it enriches the lives of both generations, particularly the older people who, although housebound, are able to keep up a presence in the community."
A woman who has become virtually housebound because of rheumatoid arthritis and a painful muscular problem will be able to get out again, thanks to Huddersfield Pendragon Round Table.
When she realised many housebound people were unable to get to a library, she started to deliver books.
A Birmingham nurse who admitted eleven counts of misconduct while caring for housebound patients, was struck off in his absence by a conduct committee yesterday.
MY housebound 90-year-old mum had a card put through her door from the Royal Mail saying that a package was too big to fit through the letterbox (she was in as well).
IN LIGHT of the recent bad weather, many elderly people have been housebound because of the lack of side roads being gritted and on warden-controlled sites there has been no one to clear the snow or put the grit down.
I AM sure Nexus is trying to ensure that disabled people are completely housebound unless they have their own transport.
I AM a carer of a 14-year-old boy who is housebound with ME, so I felt he need to respond to the article on a girl who recovered from ME by pole dancing.
Although one notices that when it come providing a continuing care package an MS victim, the present Liberal Democrat council which declined to recover thousands of pounds overpaid to Labour councillors, show little compassion or flexibility where the above housebound individual is concerned.