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Synonyms for housebound

confined usually by illness

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A Birmingham nurse who admitted eleven counts of misconduct while caring for housebound patients, was struck off in his absence by a conduct committee yesterday.
I am fortunate because I have a car, but many disabled people are housebound without their scooters.
Mrs Bate was effectively housebound and the defendant took over her mother's finances," he said.
The prosecutor told the court Mary was housebound, "badly crippled by arthritis" and had other problems.
Mr Snape is to help the WRVS deliver some of the meals to the old and housebound in the Great Barr and Wednesbury areas on Monday june 1.
A STAFFORDSHIRE mayor will be spreading festive cheer to housebound residents by handing them Christmas hampers.
HEARTLESS wheelchair joyriders have left a disabled woman housebound after stealing her chair for fun.
Now Cardiff's WRVS needs more volunteers to visit older and housebound people for just a few hours a month.
The mother-of-four, from Llandudno, also suffered fibrosis, ME and was largely housebound for 16 years
MORE volunteers are needed for the Home Library Service in Coventry which delivers tapes and compact discs to people who are housebound.
I'm housebound and like many of my friends am most grateful for the evening Songs Of Praise as a next best.
At this time I am in a dispute with the DVLA, who have withdrawn my licence over a borderline disablity problem, making us virtually housebound.
A disabled man left housebound after his electric wheelchair was snatched and destroyed has been given a new lease of life.