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Synonyms for house-trained

(of pets) trained to urinate and defecate outside or in a special place


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He needs to be house-trained and will not walk on a lead yet.
Each year, the nonprofit organization run by 25 volunteers gives away about 400 cats and 200 dogs who have already been house-trained, fixed and given immunization shots.
He is two years old, neutered, inoculated, house-trained and travels well.
Hate mail had already begun to arrive at Wilkinson's home after she said she planned to keep Pal's successor in the garage for safety's sake and because the dog was not yet house-trained.
He is house-trained and could be left for short periods.
And, believe it or not, rabbits can be house-trained like cats using a kitty litter box.
They are both fully house-trained and do not chew furnishings when left alone in the house for a few hours.
He is good with dogs and cats, and is house-trained.