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proud of your house or its furnishings or upkeep

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A spokesman for Anglian Home Improvements said: "We undertook this research to gain a greater understanding of the UK's attitudes to maintaining their homes and our findings show we well and truly live up to our reputation of being a house-proud nation.
This is particularly the case when these people don't work and are not house-proud.
Matthew Cottle is wonderful to watch as he perfectly captures the world of repressed, time-obsessed Sidney and he is well-matched by Sara Crowe as house-proud housefrau Jane.
House-proud Britons spend the most in Europe on renovating and cleaning their homes, according to a report.
Granted, the religious donors and house-proud burghers depicted by Funk's Flemish masters expected to receive greedy gazes, too.
The infamous 'I'm washing my hair tonight' excuse has been shunned by house-proud Midlanders who would rather stay in and vacuum than go out and party.
I keep calling it my palace," says house-proud owner Rozanne Seelan, who calls her staff of 28 the most knowledgeable about theatre texts in the country.
For house-proud environmentalists, remodeling is more than just an opportunity to go upscale.
Below, a house-proud Vincente, who paved his yard so his grandchildren would have a place to play.
But certainly I remember how during my early childhood my house-proud mum would terrify me by climbing onto the ledge to clean the outside of the windows of our tower block home.
Muslim businessman Mr Khan (Adil Ray) lives in the Sparkhill area of Birmingham with his despairing and house-proud wife (Shobu Kapoor) and two daughters, Shazia (Maya Sondhi) and Alia (Bhavna Limbachia).
My dear old (and now deceased) mother wasn't the tidiest most house-proud person in the world.
30pm) THE idea of the spring clean is quite an old-fashioned notion, but we Brits are a house-proud lot, and like a good old clear-out in homes both old and new.
Yes, more house-proud proprietors vie to be crowned the best bed and breakfast by their peers.
Melissa Porter, Russell Harris and Michael Holmes will be travelling the length and breadth of Britain to meet house-proud individuals and discover just what it is that makes their homes so special, before giving viewers the chance to vote for their favourite