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someone who builds houses as a business

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As one of Wales' premier luxury house-builders, it also seemed very fitting for us to sponsor builders for the project.
According to major house-builders Westbury Homes, demand has remained strong for its Century Wharf scheme in Cardiff Bay.
Stewart Baseley, executive chairman of the HBF, said: "These results clearly demonstrate that consumers are overwhelmingly happy with the service house-builders are delivering.
In Cardiff there is a perceived over-supply with house-builders having to push special offers to get apartments away.
Judges commended the house-builder for responding to the Government's call to action for more starter homes, and also praised Redrow for not only delivering on price (Debut homes have started from under pounds 50,000) but also on 'quality of design, incorporating modern methods of construction and adhering to sustainable criteria and environmental targets'.
Barratt leapfrogged Persimmon as the UK's largest house-builder with the pounds 2.
Many house-builders are now offering prospective buyers assistance with their deposit or stamp duty, as well as discounts and part-exchange deals.
The whole construction industry, not just the house-builders, accounts for only six per cent of Britain's gross domestic product.
Based on the thickness of Britannia's inner leaf timber walls and the incorporation of other advances in energy-efficient design, the house-builder expects its homebuyers to make a typical saving of between thirty and forty per cent on their heating bills.
On top of that, an arthritic planning system prevented the house-builders from providing a sufficient supply to meet this demand.
Geoff Ball, the CALA chairman, and his local competitor Keith Miller, of the Miller construction group, are fighting over the luxury house-builder.
They initially wanted to reduce the 16 affordable units to just two - but Kirklees officers argued viability assessments show the housebuilders could afford 11 affordable units, which the house-builders have now agreed to.
House-builders and an array of other producer interests, rode this "tsunami" of credit in a boom period.
It aims to obtain outline permission and service the site with a view to selling to residential house-builders.
But the OFT, which has been monitoring the sector since then, said house-builders had failed to draw up a code of conduct and had made little progress in raising consumer satisfaction, with the quality of homes being built even going downhill since the Barker Review.