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a wheeled vehicle that can be pulled by a car or truck and is equipped for occupancy

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Orff admitted that from 1992 through mid-July 2003, he set at least 13 tractor-trailer fires and at least one house trailer fire.
"You have two and a half minutes," says Tim Nett, co-CEO of the post house Trailer Park.
163(h)(4)(B), a residence is generally a house, condominium, cooperative, mobile home, boat or house trailer that contains a sleeping space, toilet and cooking facilities.
I would like to re-imagine the fifties through the changing cultural, material and social value of the house trailer. This essay then attempts to get inside the trailer while simultaneously suggesting that there is always an outside--another historical place to go.
IRS states a second home can be a house, co-op, condo, mobile home, house trailer, boat, houseboat, or similar property, as long as it has bathroom facilities and kitchen facilities and can be lived in the same manner as a home.
It converts a pickup truck into a combination truck and house trailer, enclosed delivery vehicle, field office, ambulance, etc.
NBA has an impressive HQ on McCain, but the downtown branch has been operating in that glorified house trailer on West Broadway for more than 10 years.
A port's mission may be a handsome two-story chalet-style building, as in Toronto, or a house trailer, as in Thunder Bay, Ont., or a triple trailer, as in Halifax.
From March 1 until September he lives in a house trailer on the backstretch.
MOTHER'S newest adventure in practical, low-cost country living is the renovation (and eventual relocation) of an old, but sound and service able, house trailer. (That's what a "mobile home" was called back when our '79 Skyliner was built.) Built on a river valley hillside, the trailer's west elevation (the front) is more than 4' above the ground and the old, wooden front steps are rickety.
Or the continued appearance of the silverfish, those nonmetamorphosed, aberrant insects that dominate the house trailer in which Eck lives?
Where you used to see only one house per lot, now I see many places that include a second house, or a house trailer in the back as well."
You'll live in a house trailer in an orchard, do your cooking in a group kitchen.
But the company built products for other market segments too, including the lavish, 50-foot Continental Clipper portable house trailer. It was custom-built for a U.S.
Come the next election, we passed on the candidate who'd once booby-trapped a house trailer with a tear-gas bomb.