house sparrow

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small hardy brown-and-grey bird native to Europe

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To understand the population dynamics of the house sparrow and house crow and to analyze their relationship with other co-occurring common species, a regular monitoring is required.
One of the main problems for house sparrows is finding a building with a hole or loose tile that can be exploited for nest building.
Thus, of the species we evaluated for seroprevalence, the House Sparrow was an important reservoir host because of its abundance, high seroprevalence, and biological competence.
The domestic pigeon, like the starling and the house sparrow, are here to stay.
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds said house sparrows came out as the most common garden bird.
The house sparrow, once a common sight in Tyneside's gardens and parks, is in serious decline.
The house sparrow - once a familiar sight all over the country - is now so rare it should be placed on an endangered species list, wildlife experts said today.
THE house sparrow -once a familiar sight all over the country -is now so rare it should be placed on an endangered species list, wildlife experts said today.
THE TV-fuelled trend for gardening makeovers was yesterday blamed for the 'dramatic' decline of the house sparrow.
Richard Bashford, RSPB house sparrow survey co-ordinator, said: "Now that we've established the pattern of house sparrow distribution, we want to look in more detail at what factors are responsible for the variations.
THE familiar chirp of the house sparrow is at its noisiest now that the first broods have left the nest.
House sparrow numbers dropped by 19% in Tyne and Wear gardens and starlings by 20% compared to last year.
In second place in West Yorkshire was the house sparrow with 3.
Jamnagar (Gujarat), Mar 20 (ANI): Animal activists and environmentalists of Gujarat's Jamnagar observed World House Sparrow Day on Saturday to create awareness about their declining population.
IN RESPONSE to A Taylor's letter, I assume he refers to the common house sparrow belonging to the family Passer Domesticus.