house snake

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nonvenomous tan and brown king snake with an arrow-shaped occipital spot

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It was an African brown house snake, which is a non-venomous species, so I suspect that he is a pet that has escaped or been abandoned.
"So this poor guy was hit by a car, we stopped to move him out the road thinking it was a brown house snake," Steyn wrote on his Instagram account on Saturday.
The hunters use mirrors to see deep into the rocky crevices which house snake dens.
In this study we examined the histology of the oviducts of the brown house snake (Lamprophis fuliginosus) and Brabminy blind snake (Rhamphotyphlops braminus) to determine if the anatomy of the blind oviduct is more similar to snakes or lizards.
Between coconut trees surviving age and lightning are: star apple, sampalok, palm varieties, guava, neem tree, chico, the old giant variety of bamboo said to house snakes, mangosteen, banaba, bauhinia, mulberry, etc.
Four house snakes were born at Warwickshire College's Moreton Morrell agricultural centre, near Leamington, last week.
Andy Webb (above), 27, a maintenance electrician from Gloucester, has three sheds that house snakes, reptiles and crocodiles.
Philippine cats, the natural enemy of rats, were not as reliable as house snakes, as described by Joseph Earle Stevens in his delightful book 'Yesterdays in the Philippines' (1898): 'Nearly all of the older bungalows in Manila possess what are called house snakes; huge reptiles generally about 12 or 14 feet long and as thick as a fire-engine house, that permanently reside up in the roof and live on the rats.