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a custodian who lives in and cares for a house while the regular occupant is away (usually without an exchange of money)

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A quick phone call to the house sitter sketched out more details.
With an astounding number of British population planning a vacation around the times of 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics Games, there has been an increase in demand for house sitters in London during the same period.
This is not a cheap option and again, house sitters tend to get booked up early so planning is essential.
All he needs is a house sitter for his big old home.
Increasingly soggy valentine to Los Angeles from a wild and crazy guy who extinguished his spark in the caring-sharing '90s with mushy trifles like this, My Blue Heaven, the Father of the Bride remakes and House Sitter.
Recently, my house sitter brought a builder in to take a look.
She doesn't think her home is affected, but is only getting sporadic updates from a house sitter.
com, James Cave, one half of the house sitting duo, highlighted the benefits of a house sitter over using the new dog boarding service.
celebrities IN the 13th novel from the Sunday Times best-selling writer, we're introduced to chef and house sitter Holly Brown.
Thanks to our house sitter we returned to a tip-top tidy home - which we promptly destroyed by emptying the contents of the car into the centre of the living room.
NORTH Lodge Wl will learn what a house sitter is from Miss M Blythe at 7pm on Thursday in the URC.
A HOUSE sitter, jailed for three years after the plants he had been told to water turned out to be a cannabis factory, has had his sentence reduced.
I usually use a professional pet sitter or a live-in house sitter," she said, but this time her dogs (shelties Luna and Wicker) stayed with a friend, "and someone else came by to look in on the cats," who included Nib and 4-year-old Sweetpea, another Devon rex.
A FORMER brass band man bludgeoned his mum's house sitter to death with a spanner and mutilated the body after he was ordered to keep out.