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paint used to cover the exterior woodwork of a house


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White and black house paint, various colors of acrylic paint, paintbrushes
Retail price of products: On the low end, Forrest sells recycled house paint for as little as $8 per gallon.
A: It wasn't until 1978 that the Consumer Products Safety Commission prohibited the use of lead in house paint.
Although lead has been banned from use in products like house paint, gasoline, and water pipe solder in the United States, it is still present in older housing, and is used in products in other countries.
After a debilitating accident in the late 1960s confined him to a wheelchair, Tolliver began using house paint, bought on sale, to create images of animals and nature; and he plopped his creations on pieces of plywood and poster board.
To create a line where "sky" meets "sea," Bud Stuckey covered the entire fence with a light blue shade of soft-gloss exterior house paint.
Though legislation stopped lead paint production (manufacturers haven't made house paint with lead since 1978), older homes and apartments are still vulnerable, leaving their occupants at risk.
Several studies have linked a high incidence of dental cavities to lead exposure, offering parents yet another reason to shield their youngsters from old house paint and other potential sources of this toxic heavy metal.
You can buy Equid mortar colorant to color the stucco mixture, or when it's dry, paint it with latex house paint.
Washington, Feb 9 ( ANI ): X-ray analysis of some of Pablo Picasso's masterworks solves a long-standing mystery about the type of paint the artist used on his canvases, revealing it to be basic house paint.
The Rhode Island Supreme Court recently overturned a 2006 jury verdict against former manufacturers of lead pigment used in house paint decades ago.
Cvijanovic's handling of flashe and house paint is competently affectless, and the fanciful nature of his central conceit allows for compelling variations of scale (without the usual points of reference, soda bottles and a roasted chicken become as large as cars, and lines of houses trail off in every direction).
Then we made our own gesso using the white house paint mixed with glue.
Use of lead in house paint peaked in 1914 and was banned in 1978.