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a periodical published by a business firm for its employees and customers

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Schroeder in an interview, "this is not going to be a house organ piece.
Schroeder emphasized in an interview that "this is not going to be a house organ piece.
The bottom line here is that the Journal is no house organ for the Anglican Church of Canada.
While catching up with my readings, I came across a review of Wolffs book published in February 2009 (well okay, I'm way, way behind) by the Royal Television Society's house organ, Television, written by Sir Howard Davies, who's the director of the London School of Economics and Political Science.
1 is the warning-cum-dressing down on the Union Leader's editorial page, house organ of the GOP.
So, without realizing it at first, I was actually reading a house organ.
Tooling & Production was born as Progress, the house organ of the Special Tool, Die, and Machine Shop Industry Trade Association (STDMSI), in August of that year.
Its house organ, the American Rifleman, isn't as snappy or as broad spectrum as G&A because it must do the serious work of covering legislation and matches and legal precedents.
In her column in the current issue of AMTDA house organ Tool Lynne Anderson, who chairs the trade association, reports the task force that set parameters for the proposed event decided to come up with a clean-slate show concept.
And I would be the first to agree that self-criticism is an essential element in TCG's house organ (which it remains, even when it aspires to be something beyond that).
As the 2000 presidential election campaign was heading into its final weeks, Foreign Affairs, the house organ of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), sent a message to its prestigious readership.
Then one day he noticed an item in Wal-Mart World, the retailer's house organ, to the effect that his company had just purchased the 21-store Wertkauf hypermarket chain in Germany.