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a private detective employed by a hotel or retail store

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Dev Collans, who started out as a bellhop and then worked his way up or sideways into becoming a house detective for a hotel in Boston, tosses out such unusual terms as Bathroom Bertha, Comeback Kid, and Lobby Lice.
uk - An ideal site for those researching the history of their home, House Detective provides a framework for users to follow, has tips on where to get information and features a really interesting case study.
After seeing her builders flee in terror, Doreen covered her cellar opening with a trap door and called in BBC2's House Detective team to help solve the mystery.
Dark and sinister indeed, but children will love it, along with the rather odd characters that crop up along the way - Charlie Twinkle Toes Tweedy, the house detective, and Mr Peach, a ventriloquist who boasts an unfeasibly large moustache.
Death In Holy Orders shows that the country house detective story still lives but it would have been nice to show that it had a bit more life in it.
The Stews at Broughton Green near Hanbury in Worcestershire has a contemporary look to confuse the house detective on the lookout for its 17th century origins.
DEAD IN HOUSE Detectives said James Imrie's death remained unexplained
As the house featured on BBC's House Detectives, the owners have the full history of the property.
Her Victorian Park home will be laid outfor the 'Louisa Ryland Open House Detectives Trail' with Victorian actors from Balsall Heath History society and SCAWDI Black History project.
The Antiques Roadshow, Cash in the Attic, Car Booty, Flog It, Bargain Hunt, 20th Century Roadshow, Antiques Trail, Trading Treasures, The House Detectives, Sun, Sea and Bargain Hunting - the list of programmes is seemingly endless.
A host of celebrities from popular TV antique and collectors programmes will be appearing in celebrity theatre and workshops, such as Jonty Hearndon and Mark Oliver from Cash in the Attic, Judith Miller from The House Detectives, Paul Atterbury from The Antiques Roadshow, Mark Hill, The 20th Century Roadshow and This Morning's Tracey Martin.
The young soccer star was at a house detectives raided in an early-morning operation morning.
The house featured on BBC's House Detectives when it was owned by actress Rosalind Bailey who starred in 1970s television drama When The Boat Comes In.
So, what does employing these house detectives entail?
Inside the house detectives discovered a bloodbath.
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