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Investigators who visited the firms' East London offices were offered 10,000 "dressed goupee" (Chinese for dog) skins and 150,000 house cat furs.
Lyotard, a temperamental house cat, lives in a computer.
The researchers suspect that defects in an extremely similar gene cause a comparable syndrome in most mammals -- including the common white house cat and a pedigreed domestic feline called the Turkish Van.
THE APPEAL of Garfield, the plump house cat of the popular syndicated comic strip, is his embodiment of the lazy side of all of us.
But then the cat does need to find a home where it can live as a house cat.
A stuffed coyote stands on a diving board with a limp house cat in its mouth.
Because of her past experience, Bungo would prefer to be a house cat.
A police officer in the Inland Empire shot a house cat.
He is a house cat due to a condition which affects his paws.
The Catalina Island fox, about the size of a house cat, was almost wiped out by a canine virus in the 1990s.
Rico, right now about the size of a house cat but expected to reach about 40 pounds, was weaned off the bottle a month ago and now dines on raw chicken and horse meat.
Friday when a resident reported finding the body and severed tail of a house cat on her balcony.
Synopsis: "Wanted: A Forever Home" by Janet Goodwin is a heart-warming tale showcasing the thoughts, fears, loneliness, and joy of Senora, a toffee-nosed house cat, and ten very individual and determined street cats whose lives are all torn apart until they meet up with Gentleman George, a Portuguese mountain dog whose one mission in life has always been to obey the commands of his master.
But house cat owners should be creating a daily exercise routine for their pet.
Would it be possible for him to become a house cat if we couldn't get another ground-floor flat?