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occurring every hour or payable by the hour

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The Company has a unique opportunity to show our appreciation for the contributions of our hourly wage employees and recognise these team members who embrace their responsibilities every day to deliver exceptional service to OceanFirst customers,' said chairman and chief executive officer, Christopher D.
While majorities of both salaried and hourly workers express complete satisfaction with the physical safety conditions of their workplace and their job security, the salaried group is more positive about both.
Key words for the search were hospital, fall prevention, and nursing hourly rounds.
Lufthansa said the hourly domestic flights have been well received by the passengers, resulting in the decision to expand them internationally to much-requested European routes.
The sharpest annual increases in hourly labour costs for the entire economy were registered in Estonia (+7.
ACA estimates | Just as with the implementation of the Dodd-Frank legislation, the cost estimates for the time spent complying with regulations issued under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also vary, but agencies have been far more transparent at monetizing hourly rates for compliance personnel.
The breakdown by economic activity shows that in the Eurozone hourly labor costs rose by 2.
However, there are significant differences between EU member states, with hourly labour costs ranging from 3.
Historically, hourly rounding was implemented as another way of organizing work using methods which address issues of patient satisfaction, quality of care, and safety (Studer Group, 2007).
The hourly workers cost is calculated based on 2000 hours and the salary rate.
hourly associates through profit-sharing and 401(k) contributions, stock purchase plan, and associate merchandise discounts for the fiscal year ending Jan.
People Report surveyed more than 70 chain restaurant companies, representing a workforce of 489,000 hourly employees and more than 39,000 managers.
Cytiva Software (TSX Venture: CRX), a provider of recruiting software solutions, announced on Thursday (15 June) the release of SonicRecruit Hourly.
Lump sum, percentage fees, hourly-not-to-exceed, and straight hourly are among the agreement structures that your prospective consultant may offer, each with its own set of benefits and limitations.
BIRMINGHAM workers are in the top half of Britain's hourly earners but still take home less than the national average.