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shaped in the form of an hourglass

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However, when the fistula is in the high proximal airway (generally located >20 mm beyond the carina), straight and hourglass-shaped stents are chosen.
THE HOURGLASS-SHAPED FIGURE: Symmetrical shoulder and hips, full busts, defined waists, medium to broad hips and shapely legs.
After the experiment, the researchers could slow down the movie and, aided by computer simulations, calculate the speed of air as it blew out of the hourglass-shaped tube.
This polished black, hourglass-shaped vase seems to have taken on a life of its own, as if the sheer feminine nature of the form and its decoration has caused the development of breasts.
The hourglass-shaped drum probably consists of two human crania, while the trumpet would have been made from a human femur.
Researchers have now developed a new polymer with hourglass-shaped pores that can do the job more efficiently than standard polymers do.
The Love Meter is an hourglass-shaped clear glass bottle.
THE body of the female black widow is typically shiny black with red hourglass-shaped markings.
Four years in development, its innovative pack change for the Waistline brand, which has been changed to hourglass-shaped cans, uses the most up-to-date technology, it says.
A distinctive hourglass-shaped package includes 17 oz.
Most planetary nebulae are not spherical but display paired lobes, jets, hourglass-shaped shells, or other bipolar (two-sided) forms.
Sanjo is a solo played by traditional instruments, among them an hourglass-shaped drum; the connection of this sanjo to the musical one is not obvious to this reader, but it may have to do with its impromptu form and shift from slow to fast rhythm.
And because the hourglass-shaped pellet leaves the barrel spinning, like a football thrown by a quarterback, it stays on track to where it was aimed.
The frontal recess is an hourglass-shaped passage between the anterior ethmoid cells and the frontal sinus, with the frontal sinus ostium being its narrowest point.
We knew we were not technically good enough to compete in the four-drum event because we knew only changgo [a double-headed, hourglass-shaped drum]" Freshley recalled, also noting the four-drum genre is usually the preserve of the huskiest men.