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a thick spread made from mashed chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and garlic

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His down to earth rants cover everything from speed cameras and houmus to children being banned from winning races at school in case the losers get upset.
There was plenty of hot pitta bread, a range of dips - taramasalata, houmus, the usual suspects - and some of the juciest, tastiest olives we've had in a long time.
There was squid, octopus, sea bream, red mullet, swordfish, whitebait, chips, salad, houmus, taramasalata, pitta bread and coffee for pounds 10 each (and a bottle of local wine to wash it down with was only pounds 7).
The tomato and mozzarella salad was our healthy option while the meze platter (nutty houmus, creamy tzatziki and tabbouleh served with chargrilled flatbread, pickles and olives) was great for dipping.
Unlike a lot of women (if you believe the adverts) I'm not bothered about chocolate - probably only eat it at Christmas, but I would kick you if you tried to deny me my post-work Sensations and houmus obsession and was looking forward to seeing if I'd lose that desire.
Martin Fry learned that pistols are drawn at dawn, not noon, while the deliciously dense Lisa is now aware that houmus is not made by insects and Adam was the first person to taste forbidden fruit.
Odd-but-excellent sandwich combinations the nation enjoys Bacon and marmalade Chocolate spread and chips Banana and houmus Boiled egg and Marmite Fish fingers, cheese and mayonnaise: Dana's recipe for the Italian Sub:Dice some onion and pepper and fry in butter with mixed herbs Add a sprinkle of brown sugar and fry for a further two minutes Spread Hellmann's Mayonnaise with Olive Oil on a split sub roll, then layer on sliced, grilled chicken breast Add the onion and pepper: Spice up your lunch:Celebrity chef Silvana Franco offers tips on how to reinvigorate homemade sandwiches, in conjunction with Hellmann's Take your sandwich out of the fridge 30 minutes before you eat it.
Swap for low-calorie mayonnaise and move to salsa or tzatziki instead of houmus or taramasalata.
Dinner: A small, carb-light meal such as an omelette with salad, a small jacket potato with lots of tuna, a slice of wholemeal toast with lots of baked beans, or crudites with houmus, cottage cheese or chopped ham.
Lunch: Ready made Pitta bread with houmus and salad filling (3.