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Synonyms for hotshot

someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field

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Hotshot Holly has a ne pedigree and is expected to start training for racing in June.
As the novel begins, Julie has just signed on with the Hotshot crew.
Closeness with the people you work with is what hotshot crews are about.
That means that without a Web site that's active, informative, and easy to locate via an Internet search, a small business like Hotshot Appliance Repair might have a hard time reaching almost half of the people who need the services it offers.
It's not unusual for us," says Hotshot, the director of the 2012 event.
The Swiss AIDS Federation and other groups working in the area of sexual health campaigned to have the Hotshot produced.
In 1990, an Arizona blaze overran and killed some hotshots working near me.
All particpants enjoyed learning new skills, fitness techniques as well as playing in a league and various competitions such as hotshot and 1v1.