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a portable electric appliance for heating or cooking or keeping food warm


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During the gas interruption we can offer a heater and hotplate for any customer that requests one and we also identify any vulnerable customer ahead of the project and make sure we work extremely closely with them during the works.
A lot of people use these hotplates to keep food warm for the next day," Hikind said.
A prosecutor raised the matter with the kitchen manager and the hotplate was taken away.
We made our way to the buffet hotplate, which was groaning beneath a large array of everything you would expect from a Chinese restaurant, and price more - sesame prawn toast, spare ribs, crispy duck, spring rolls, seaweed and prawn crackers, to name but a few.
Rather than pump steam directly into the autoclave, the Rice team's big idea was to use the steam to heat a custom-designed conductive hotplate.
20 -- Dolomite has introduced the Hotplate Adaptor - Chip Holder H which allows control over internal temperatures of micro fluidic chips without any disruptions to the fluid flow.
Since founder Antonio Zanussi built the first wood-burning stove with a cast iron hotplate in 1920, in order to keep his beloved pizzas warm, Zanussi has been continually looking at developing new ways to make your life easier.
I've been with the company for three years and noticed a gap in the Scottish hotplate range of fruited pancakes and potato scones.
allows you to bake stovetop on a gas- or alcohol-fueled stove, or an electric hotplate.
This paper deals with the problems detected in testing the thermal properties of the thermal-insulation chambers on the hotplate and how they have been solved.
The reply: "It might sound arrogant but, in five years time, I want to be by your side at the hotplate.
Sits securely with good non-stick feet and has one 1500W and one 1000W hotplate.
The DrySyn Multi family of reaction blocks from Asynt convert any standard hotplate stirrer into a modular, flexible reaction station, saving precious laboratory space and dispensing with dangerous, messy oil baths.
Digesters typically feature a standard hotplate design or microwave technology, which heats a sample, breaking it down into its constituents.