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Synonyms for hotly

Synonyms for hotly

in a heated manner


References in classic literature ?
I saw a suppressed smile on his face, and said hotly that Timothy was as good a name as David.
I never thought much of that magazine, anyway," said Diana hotly.
A Hart hotly pursued by the hounds fled for refuge into an ox-stall, and buried itself in a truss of hay, leaving nothing to be seen but the tips of his horns.
The puppies were yelping, the small boys romping, and the big boys all talking at once; the curtains were up, the room close, berries scattered freely about, Mac's shade half off, his cheeks flushed, his temper ruffled, and his voice loudest of all as he disputed hotly with Steve about lending certain treasured books which he could no longer use.
That," replied the other, rather hotly and with a visible flush, "is as you please.
His majesty here will doubtless order that you have this dish hotly seasoned when we are all safely in Castile.
I will have a hotly seasoned dish for some folk I know of," answered Don Pedro with a cold smile.
Old Hugh had really nothing against Kenneth himself; but years before either Kenneth or Ursula was born, Kenneth's father had beaten Hugh Townley in a hotly contested election.
No one has been putting any ideas into my head," Gerald answered hotly.
Mamma," she said, flushing hotly and turning quickly to her, "please, please don't say anything about that.
At the corner of the lane, Jasper, hotly enraged, checks his companion and looks back.
Worn out as she was, and fatigued in mind and body, she sat up alone, counting the minutes, until he returned--penniless, broken-spirited, and wretched, but still hotly bent upon his infatuation.
It certainly looked that way with the factual Dr Masters on C4 being hotly (and I do mean very hotly) pursued by Jack Davenport as suave surgeon Otto Powell in ITV1's Breathless (Thursday).
The hotly tipped More Than Conquerors - probably the biggest draw of the mammoth Belfast Music Week showcase gig last November - play The Stiff Kitten tonight.
RHOS-ON-SEA Cycling Club hold one of their annual championships next Thursday evening in the Conwy Valley, the 10-mile time trial event, and it will be hotly contested.