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a direct telephone line between two officials

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00 per minute if they call the hotline from their mobile phones,' De Lima said.
The hotline also generates real-time reports to VA experts who can help address the specific issues of Veterans as well as make better-informed decisions on where program improvements are needed.
The first question to answer is whether to use an internal hotline or an independent hotline.
The hotline is developed and maintained externally.
To “like” Bail Hotline Bail Bonds on Facebook, visit https://www.
With the adoption of new EU telecoms rules in November 2009, EU Member States are obliged to make every effort to ensure that the 116 000 hotline is activated by 25 May 2011.
8 billion military contractor with 75,000 employees, has run a hotline since 1986 and initially found that more than half the calls were HR-related, with many coming from disgruntled employees who had gotten bad performance reviews.
The ministry received a report on its family counseling hotline (16021) about this maazoun, according to Magda Barousm, an official at the ministry.
At a time when distressed pet owners are most in need of support, the trained volunteers at pet loss support hotlines are there to comfort, to listen and to understand.
Chick estimates that anonymous calls to the hotline could help the city identify millions of dollars that are wasted or stolen.
This hotline service was established 15 years ago and has logged almost 100,000 calls, but relatively few of them (less than 5 percent) are from dental professionals--assistants and hygienists call more than dentists.
Troubled gay youths seeking support from their local crisis hotline may discover that they are sinners who need to turn straight.