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Synonyms for hothead

a belligerent grouch

a reckless impetuous irresponsible person

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Ireland legend Peter Stringer stirred the pot by declaring: "He's in charge of everything they do, being captain and having all that responsibility, but he is a hothead."
"Eddie will have them fired up, and you see the likes of Owen Farrell in charge of everything they do, being captain and having all that responsibility, but he is a hothead," said Stringer.
Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Hothead Games is one of Canada's most successful digital entertainment companies, creating game titles that include Kill Shot, Rivals at War, and Big Win Hockey, which have attracted more than 250 million mobile downloads.
Continue reading "A Match Made in Hoosier Heaven: Hothead Bobby Knight backs Donald Trump" at...
Based in Dallas, Texas, Spree Wearables (formerly Hothead Technologies, Inc.) is a leading provider of wireless biosensor solutions, including the revolutionary Spree SmartCap.
Knitsley: Various dry flies, Black and Green Fritz, Bunny Leech, Hothead Buzzers, Hothead Dancers.
(The short hothead, the taller hothead, the gay guy, the guy who doesn't like the gay guy ...)
Judging by Jude Law's opening monologue--a long, colorful ode to the macho safecracker's manhood, delivered under highly ironic circumstances--the hothead hasn't exactly cooled down in the clink.
Hothead Technologies has executed an agreement with Shafer Medical Devices to develop and distribute a medical application of the H.O.T.[TM] System that supports the Shafer Medical Devices' Hypo/Hyperthermic Pad in managing normothermia in patients during pre-op, surgery and post-op.
This prevented a hothead on our side who, feeling secure in our nuclear supremacy, might have engaged in who knows what adventures, a la Iraq.
Iran's President Ahmadinejad is accused of being a hothead and an agitator, hellbent on possessing nuclear weapons.
The animal welfare movement finally makes an explosive arrival in Sixties Yorkshire when a young hothead takes to tackling trade of animals in and around Aidensfield, right.
It might not be quite ready for 42nd Street, but the debut performance of Hothead Paisan: The Musical, Act One at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival this August was certainly a crowd-pleaser, receiving a rousing ovation from the rapt audience amidst a finale of fireworks.
Bjorn was noticeably rushing as he neared the winning post and this notorious hothead is prone to spectacular errors of judgement like this.