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The HotFoot Host SDK provides customers with all of the essential tools they need to build a HotFoot Host environment to their own specifications.
These new offerings join the existing HotFoot Host(TM), a popular ASP, subscription-based, content storage and management solution for HotFoot presentations.
River Island One and Only print oversized T-shirt PS15 with a 30% donation to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer | Hotfoot it.
ONE TO PLAY Dromana Is Back (Notts) LYNN COOK'S bitch was a massive eyecatcher last Friday night when finishing runner-up to Hotfoot Rossi in A5 company.
ALGARVE (7nts, b/b) until Oct 20, Gatwick or Luton, pounds 329, Voyana (0871 271 5207); ORLANDO (7nts, s/c) Nov 1-28, Gatwick, pounds 399, Hotfoot Holidays (0871 222 5823); GAMBIA (7nts, s/c) Nov 18, Gatwick, pounds 369, Future Travel (01752 779 102).
Words like "sweet" and "quite proud" don't exactly make you want to hotfoot it down to the Odeon.
Presentations can be sent as an e-mail attachment or via HotFoot Host(TM), which allows for distribution by streaming over the Internet.
Meanwhile, Rob Grantham of Wirral-based Pensby Runners continued his impressive recent form when he won last Wednesday's Hotfoot Up Famau in Denbighshire.
Anyway, if Cram wants edge-of-the-seat entertainment he should hotfoot it from Vancouver to Belfast's Odyssey Arena in time for round three of the Premier League arrers.
The Bears totalled 186 with James Ord scoring 41 before he was retired out so that he could get on the M1 to hotfoot it down to Birmingham to make his senior bow last night.
HOTFOOT on Hope Street takes place on September 7 with this year's theme being Cafe Europe.
Meanwhile, Wrexham's Ian Houston was again in winning form in the Hotfoot up Famau hill race from Llanbedr DC, the second race in the Clwydian Hill midweek series.
They obviously put their heart and soul into their work (all right, it's OK to groan) and I would be inclined to hotfoot it over the tops to sample their culinary delights except that I am still on my chip-free diet.
HOLLYWOOD stars Brad Pitt and Matt Damon had to hotfoot it out of a London hotel yesterday after a fire broke out in Gordon Ramsay's restaurant.
pounds 400MIAMI, (3nts, s/c), until Sept 30, Heathrow, pounds 399, Hotfoot Holidays (0871 222 5823); EGYPT, (3 nts, b&b), until Dec 23, Heathrow, pounds 359, Advantage Travel Centres (0870 444 3493); DUBAI, (5 nts, s/c), Oct 18 - Nov 6, Heathrow, pounds 399, Thomas Cook Signature (0870 443 4570).