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an owner or manager of hotels

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Nick Holmes, MD of Rockliffe Hall, inset, in Hurworth, County Durham, has been shortlisted in the Caterer and Hotelkeeper 'Catey' Awards.
Lisa Jenkins, products and suppliers editor at Caterer & Hotelkeeper magazine, commented: "This hotel had an obvious passion for the environment with many systems in place.
Kerridge told the UK's Caterer and Hotelkeeper : "The fact that Michelin is awarding two stars to a pub means they are embracing British culture.
By 1899 this business was occupying premises at 24 Jamison Street and had expanded to print The Australian Philatelist, the Colonial and Military Gazette, and The Australian Hotelkeeper and Tobacconist.
The hotelkeeper welcomed him with a surprise not entirely free of suspicion.
For me, food has to be simple," said Gregg in an interview with Caterer & Hotelkeeper magazine.
McFall is also the winner of the young achievers - Caterer & Hotelkeeper Acorn Award 2007 and for taking the TTG Best Supplier Sales Team 2008 at the Business Travel Awards.
Caterer and Hotelkeeper magazine has launched an online petition to gain a commitment from the incoming government to support the school meals service.
A Connecticut hotelkeeper, states "The House of Morgan," Joseph "bought up Aetna Life Insurance stock in a time of panic caused by the big New York fires in the 1830s" (614).
Wrapping up the top five in the survey, by Caterer and Hotelkeeper magazine, were pork scratchings, sausages and pickled eggs, reports the Daily Express.
She wouldn't have done it were it not for the fact that far away from England in those days, in Switzerland, a Swiss hotelkeeper said, "You're obviously the wife of the infamous Oscar Wilde.
Wrexham-based IMC's pioneering food waste recycling system scooped the Green Award in the 2008 Caterer and Hotelkeeper Equipment and Supplies Excellence Awards: it lowers food waste volume by 80% to help caterers cut their waste disposal costs.
MARK LEWIS Editor of Caterer and Hotelkeeper magazine
A hotelkeeper or restaurateur who takes care of a patron's car assumes a great responsibility.