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statement of charges for staying in a hotel

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The Fine Gael leader's foreign trips and hotel bills for his first months in office included a fivestar star hotel stay in California and a photographer for his visit to meet Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.
Hotel bills can often burn a pretty sizable hole in your wallet, and some people can go to great lengths to avoid It.
A 41-year-old man has been arrested in the US state of Pennsylvania after allegedly racking up a US $16,000 hotel bill and attempting to leave without paying it.
The Korean, who has been overstaying since December last year, was initially arrested by tourist policemen in Boracay for allegedly failing to pay his hotel bill and was turned over to immigration officials.
O'Neill also faces a charge of making off without paying a hotel bill of PS808 in Chester last September.
In February last year, Stark was made bankrupt at the High Court over an unpaid hotel bill of PS38,680.
Many at the BBC feel that if you want to commute you should pick up the hotel bill yourself.
The governor of Lakes state, Chol Tong is refusing to pay the hotel bill since hearing the rumours that his advisor has resigned.
Travelport Limited, a US-based travel company, has announced that Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) will implement the company-made hotel bill back system, hotelNett.
One hotel decided to write off the hotel bill of a Filipino, who had been stranded at the border for five months with Dh15,000 bill," he added.
TWO drunken men held in custody for causing a disturbance over an unpaid BD300 hotel bill, have been released on a bail of BD150 each until their case goes to court.
By the time I got out of the parking lot I owed the man four bucks and I realized I was in for the cost of an overnight hotel bill by the time I got to my destination.
While the news magazine Der Spiegel broke the Adlon Affair, copies of the hotel bill were sent anonymously to the Finance Ministry in Berlin from--surprise
during the Natural Products Expo East and noticed on my hotel bill a $1.
The police and the Crown Prosecution Service depended almost entirely on the testimony of a badly-behaved 14-year-old girl who seemed more interested in running up a vast hotel bill at public expense than in telling the truth.
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